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  • SPEEDUP codes for Phys. Rev. Lett. 94, 180403 (2005)
    72 036128 2005 Effective action to level p 6 PDF file Link to the Monte Carlo parallel MPI code used in this investigation speedup mpi tgz Serial version of the above code speedup serial tgz The SPEEDUP code contains explicit expressions for the effective actions S p for p 18 for the case of a generic theory README file from above MPI code Path Integral Monte Carlo code developed by A Balaz This email address is being protected from spambots You need JavaScript enabled to view it for the paper Systematically accelerated convergence of path integrals by A Bogojevic A Balaz and A Belic Phys Rev Lett 94 180403 2005 Address Institute of Physics Belgrade Serbia Scientific Computing Laboratory http www scl rs speedup Public use and modification of this code is allowed providing the above paper is properly acknowledged The author would be grateful for all information and or comments regarding the use of the code This MPI code gives a Monte Carlo simulation that calculates imaginary time amplitudes for the transition from a to b in time T for generic thery The Planck constant hbar 1 Trajectories are generated using the bisection method The variable s determines the level of bisection i e time discretization N takes the values 2 0 2 1 2 s The user configurable section is in file p c In it users need to define the level parameter p 1 p 18 and to supply the potential V and its derivatives COMPILING 1 Supply the appropriate level p by adjusting define statement and function V0 in file p c 2 A typical serial compiling line e g for level p 2 looks like mpicc O5 o speedup p2 main c p c nr c lm lsprng I Note that you need to have

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